Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

• Wedding Bells

Kurt Denny, of BMI's Nashville office, was in town over the November 2-4 weekend, both to help out the LASC with the "Hit Makers '90" seminar and to see his new bride, Shaking Family's Barbara Carter. It seems that they had not had any time together since their honeymoon, as Carter had to come back to Louisville to work on the new SF album while Denny stayed in Nashville. The happy event was September 15. Shaking Family guitarist Vince Emmett was the "Man of Honor." Send them a congratulations card anyway, care of BMI Nashville.

• Speaking of Vince Emmett, I ran into him the other night at Uncle P's. It seems that he has bought a house next door to U of L basketball coach Denny Crum.

•Vince also related that SF has a cut on Elektra-Asylum's fortieth anniversary compilation album. The tune they did was "Union Man," by the Cates Brothers.

Willie Little, saxophonist, union activist and leader of the band Axis, tied the knot with Axis singer Jessica Brown on November 14. Send their cards care of the Louisville Musician's Union.

• Louisville Homefront Performances' chairman Vernon Blair and Emily Gage round out the wedding announcements for this month. They took their vows recently. Emily Gage is the former spouse of Homefront founder John Gage.

• You might have noticed the mention of Lexington's Stranglmartin in Jeff Puckett's Nightlife column on November 10, but if you didn't, here 'tis: The group got a three-record deal with Dragon Street Records, a Dallas-based company, and its first album is doing well on the CMJ charts.

• Blue Suit Records, obviously a blues label, is being represented locally by Nick Stevens at Allen-Martin Productions. For more info, call Nick.

Marvin Maxwell says that the Sister Cities program has put him in touch with a group in Louisville's German Sister City, Mainz. The Mainz group is assembling a TV program that will feature items from Mainz' sister cities around the world and were looking for some Louisville music. Naturally, Maxwell sent them a Spanky Lee CD. The broadcast is tentatively scheduled for May 1, 1991. He's awaiting word about what cuts from the CD they want and, while he waits, he's working on a possible European tour for the group.

Rick Davis, formerly guitarist for the South Dixie Boys, has started playing with the Lone Wolf Band.