By Diana Black


A sigh of relief could be heard from members who had taken part in the Hit Makers '90 seminar. During comments and discussion reflecting on the November 2 & 3 event, a sense of satisfaction knowing the work was done momentarily prevailed in the back room of the Rud. The co-op has never been known to rest on its laurels, however, so starting with Mike Layman, some excellent suggestions and ideas for future contests and seminars got the 1991 wheels in motion.

The following issues raised during the meeting will certainly have to be weighed and discussed further, but they deserve serious consideration: 1) Encourage showcase audience to return for the second set. 2) Consider having critique sessions divided into one or two rooms of writers panelists and one or two rooms of publishers. 3) Look at the possibility of having a "big" winner for each contest category instead of an overall winner 4) Invite panelists familiar with POP music 5) Ask one or two publishers to bring along demos they have pitched to compare quality.

The membership also heard several members share news of business contacts made during the seminar and tapes asked for and subsequently taken back to Nashville. (See other seminar articles throughout this issue for more details!)


I want to publicly thank the following people for making LASC Hit Makers '90 showcase, seminar and trade show a success:

Charlie Walls, Paul Moffett and Jean Metcalfe for countless hours of hard work; Sammy Reid for back-breaking work during the showcase and seminar; Joyce Trammell for good eats and decorations; Lois Reid for some more good eats; Ronnie Dee for covering the event for the LASC LETTER; Greg Black for a terrific job running the registration desk; Doc Dockery, Tim Lynch and Larry Standiford for their back-breaking work at the showcase; Beth Moffett for once again selling the co-op's "stuff"; Marian Maxwell for her much needed help at the registration desk; Karen Le Van and Gardner Barger for moderating Saturday sessions; Rhonda Pierce for hostessing the showcase; Tom Metcalfe for his camera skills; Wally Stewart, Sandra Walls, Judy Johns and Brenda Bowlin for graciously filling in when called on.

I so hope I have not overlooked anyone.

Thanks, y'all, for a job well done!

Diana Black, Seminar Chair


Co-op Calendar

December 1

Songwriter Showcase


Alan Morris

Rebecca Sleadd

Dave Troxell

Frank & Bridgett Wilson

Come out and support your fellow songwriters!!

$2.00 Admission for LASC members.

December 3

Critique Session

Please bring ten (10) lyric sheets along with your tape.

Open Stage

Sign-up starts at 7:30 p.m. Try out your best new tunes.

December 10

Open Stage

Sign-up starts at 7:30 p.m.

Open stage at 9:00 p.m.

December 17

Christmas Party

Bring your favorite holiday song on tape or perform it yourself! The song can be anything from a standard to something you have written. (If it's the latter, it would be nice to have lyric sheets so we can sing along.)

December 24

Christmas Eve!

No Open Stage

December 31

New Year's Eve!

No Open Stage