Newsical Notes
By Jean Metcalfe

Roscoe Bland managed to get to Louisville for the really big "Hit Makers '90" events on November 3. Well, isn't that special? Yes. it is. And that's because Roscoe was involved in a very serious automobile accident a few weeks back and has been unable to drive long distances. Since he lives in French Lick, lnd., we haven't seen him for a while. Roscoe has not yet fully recovered from the accident and his doctor credits his avoiding a broken neck to the fact that Roscoe works out regularly and was in good physical condition when the accident happened.

He says he is still writing and recording. That's the kind of news we like to hear.

Add Donna Beck Michael and Loretta Sadler to last month's list Of LASC members who won various awards in the tenth annual Music City Song Festival song. lyric and vocal competition.

Loretta is not exactly a rookie in the contest. She was one of six winners pictured on the cover of the MCSF Winners List. having won a grand total of $3,100 in prizes in the contest.

Loretta claimed the Grand Prize from a field of 209 entries in the MOR / Adult Contemporary category of the Professional Lyric division for "China Cups and Saucers," earning a $500 cash award and a digital piano valued at over $2600.

"China Cups and Saucers" also won the Grand Prize in the Lyric Poem division two years ago.

Donna earned two awards in the MCSF. She won fourth place out of 1,165 entries in the Pop/Top 40 category of the vocal division for her performance of "But I Still Do," for which she received a $200 cash award and a microphone valued at $125. She also placed ninth out of 686 entries in the MOR/Adult Contemporary category of the Professional Song division for "They Work Together Well" and won a $100 cash award and music software.

More info on Debbie Tuggle's categories and prizes: She won fourth place out of 2,097 entries in the Country category of the Vocal division for her performance of "Appalachia," earning a $200 cash award and a microphone valued at $125.

Wally Stewart's win, mentioned last month, was in the Gospel / Contemporary Christian category of the Novice Lyric division for "Vessels of Love," and earned him a $25 cash prize.

Larry Easton won an Honorable Mention in the Country Category of the Professional Song division of the contest for his "I'd Love to Hear All That Noise Again."

Congratulations to all of 'you!

And special congratulations to all LASCers who "did us proud" in our own Songwriting Competition '90. Four of the ten category finalists were Co-op members. They are Gene Adams, Ed Hager, Earl Meyers and Debbie Tuggle. "Papa" Gene Adams took home the $1,000 Grand Prize and the handsome fleur-de-lis trophy with his bluegrass category winner, "Ship Soon to Sail." Read all about it elsewhere in the LASC Letter.

A big THANKS! t0 Chairperson Diana Black, her committee and all who helped make our November 2-3 "Hit Makers '90" a big hit!

Lucille Wills has just finished up a tape of her song "Kentucky Wildcat," and it's selling well. Haven't heard it yet, but look forward to hearing it real soon.