By Diana Black, Secretary

We had a great turnout for the board election! The back room of the Rudyard was so crowded I was afraid I had not prepared enough ballots. We need and appreciate that kind of involvement.

The membership voted to fill five open board positions at the January 15 meeting. The following L.A.S.C. members were elected to the board: Pen Bogert, Dallas Embry, Jean Metcalfe, Paul Moffett, and Sammy Reid. Each will serve a two year term that ends December 31, 1991.

The board has nine members. The remaining board members (who are now serving the second half of their two year term) are: Diana Black, Ronnie Dee, Joyce Trammell, and Charlie Walls.

Thanks go out to Larry Easton, Gardner Barger, and Mike Layman for manning the Tellers Committee and to Lynn Riffle and Jerry Burns for helping with the nominating committee.

In the time remaining after the counting of ballots and such, we held a small critique session. I would like to commend those writers for remembering to bring ten lyric sheets. With the crowds we have been having, you might want to throw in an extra or two.


The members of L.A.S.C. would like to thank Brenda Bowlin and Karen Le Van for their hard work during their terms on the Board of Trustees. They have helped the L.A.S.C. a great deal.

We understand you have decided it is time to turn your attention elsewhere. We will greatly miss you as board members, but we hope you will remain active in other aspects of the Co-op, for you have made a difference.