Showcase Committee

The Showcase Committee has new co-chairpersons -- Joyce Trammell and Sammy Reid. Previous Showcase Committee Chairman Dallas Embry has a new position which will utilize his talents and skills more thoroughly -- External Booking Agent.

Members of the Showcase Committee are Steve May, Pen Bogert, Joyce Trammell, Sammy Reid, Bill Matz, Dallas Embry, Bob Maples, Jean Metcalfe, and Paul Moffett.

Dallas will book jobs that come to the Co-op from outside. This is what he has been doing all along, of course, only now he will be able to give that task more attention. If you are a member of the L.A.S.C. and want to be considered for the occasional gig, be sure to let Dallas know and get him bio material. His number is (502) 776-6136. Please don't call him before noon, as he works until the wee hours at Uncle Pleasant's.

If you are looking for performers, please call Dallas at the above number. Members of the L.A.S.C. are happy to play and many can play "cover" tunes as well as original material.