The Reel News

Artec Studio -- Mike Stites notes that Roz Tate is beginning an album project, plus doing publishing demos; John Ross and C. E. Copeland are working on some demos; Troy Crawford, from Bloomington, is cutting demos, as is Rick Miller. Bobby Bennett is laying down some original tracks. Stites also has his studio players cutting demos for him.

Falk Recording Service -- Engineer David Blythe reports that a number of songwriters have been in cutting demos, including Deborah Morris, three songs, John Grubb, three songs, LASCer Andy Broughton, three tunes and rocker Tim Flaherty, who cut a single song demo, with Andy High engineering. Also, Susie Harper and Heartwood have cut an entire album of demos, LASCer Debbie Tuggle has recorded a sales demo and ragtime pinao and banjo player Bob Durst cut twelve tunes. Kenny Jarvis came in to record some square dance tunes and songwriter John Pickett cut a demo.

Real to Reel -- Owner/engineer Jeff Carpenter reports that he has been very busy on the Mrs. Frazier album project, plus finishing a four-song pop/rock demo for Tracy and Wes Hawkins of Lexington's Shakers.

Studio 2002 -- Rob Magallon reports that Olive Branch Productions did a religious radio spot; Andy Broughton and Mike Browning did one of Andy's tunes; Yer Girlfriend was in and rerecorded the chorus to Peace and Harmony from their latest album in Russian. That tune has gone to Russia for the US--USSR Citizens Summitt II in Moscow; Basement Zombies did a sales booking demo; Carlos Merriweather did an R&B spec demo that went to an NYC-based label; Bad Luck cut a three--song heavy metal spec demo to go to a California producer; Passion did two sides of an R&B twelve inch; Ruperto T.'s solo sax album is finished and scheduled for distribution in England.

Music Man Studios - Charlie Walls has managed to find time from his song-plugging to do a bit of recording. Ken Perkins cut a couple of demos, as did Kenneth Young and Andy Broughton. Walls and Reid Publishing also recording some tunes for pitching.