Albino Blue

By Umar Williams

at Pleasure Inn

a work-horse/work-hard band

serves up steamy blues on a

cracked tray

alongside beer cans &

oh-so-plain set ups as

albino fingers fast dance

fret to fret pace

sound to a bluesed up get

down of brown bodied


bump & grind bask n un

forgettable youth's afterglow

& colored Christmas lights left

blinking like neon rat-eyes year round

albino eyes close/no

need to see when fingers

kno/he plays



as he goes rocking


pouring albino soul

upon a steam table where week old

hopeless hopes wait

warmed by a sterno of progressive

blues chords/a loud crowd &

friendly enuf

n its blues woe guzzle glow/the owner

smiles his

fat man smile

no one styles n

here tonight

a work-hard band


tight/a work weak crowd on a

seek release night

albino timing

just right

his face a colorless map

his fingers blackbirds

n flight .,,

fall! '84

for Smoketown Red