Corrections & Clarifications

Our apologies to Karen Le Van for inadvertently omitting her photo credit for the picture of Jerry Burns in our December 1989 issue.

We apologize also to Ken Perkins for leaving the last word off the title of his song "I Love You, I Love You, I Love You" in December.

Although we got it right a number of times, in one instance a typographical error crept in and we incorrectly identified the Lyrical Lords as Lyric Lords in our December edition.

Through an oversight we did not include the name of Dallas Embry as the writer of the Letter to the Editor that appeared in our December issue.

In last month's "Layton Howerton and Rodney Crowell" review, Bill Ede mistakenly referred to Layton's "Her Wrist Watch" as "Tick Took," a different song which he co-wrote with Vince Emmett and Barbara Carter. We appreciate their calling it to our attention.