Kentucky Opera to Present World Premiere of Kentuckian 's Multi-Media Composition

Kentucky Opera has commissioned the distinguished Appalachian poet, painter, folklorist and musician, Kentuckian Daniel Dutton, to compose a piece which will skillfully marry traditional and modern musical styles. Utilizing the synthesis of poetry, natural imagery, balladry and song, the music-theater piece is designed to span the gap between the interests of the country music lover and the more traditional opera lover. It is expected that this unity will attract new and diverse audiences both in Louisville and around the state of Kentucky.

One night in February, 1987, I awoke startled by a very lucid dream … a dream of ghosts, a haunted mill, buried gold, robbery, falling leaves, a singing stream and a man of stone. The dream was accompanied by musical themes … upon awakening I began work on this multi-media composition entitled "The Stone Man."

Daniel Dutton

The world premiere series of performances will begin in Louisville on January "'6, 1990 (opening night) and continue through January 13, 1990, before making a state-wide tour of Kentucky. All performances will be given in the Bomhard Theater of the Kentucky Center for the Arts at 8 p.m.