Memories Of 1989

"The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat"

Alan Morris, left, proudly displays the four-track recorder he won at the L.A.S.C.'s "Run for the Royalties" Awards Dinner on November 19, 1989; Jerry Burns, center, receives a "High 5" from a friend after winning an Epiphone guitar that same evening; and "Music Man" Charlie Walls, right, feigns a tear after Ralph Emery, host of "Nashville Now," called two other songwriters, instead of Charlie, on November 1, to tell them that they were the lucky winners who would have their songs recorded by the Bellamy Brothers as winners of the Kentucky Fried Chicken 1989 songwriting contest Don't go shedding any tears of your own for Charlie, however, as placing in the top ten out of 45,000 entries in the national contest is not exactly what one would term a defeat! Charlie quickly dried his "tears" and finished his gig at The Golden Horseshoe in Lebanon, Ky. Naturally the Music Man sang "Two Story House," the song that was in the running for the top prize and the audience let Charlie know how they felt about the decision: "You wuz robbed! "

Photos Left And Center By Marian Maxwell, Photo Right By Jean Metcalfe