The Music Starts Right Here
Randall Hylton (Rebel Records)
Formats: cassette, LP

Randall Hylton's New Album Promises to Be A Good One

By Berk Bryant, The Country Gentleman

I want to let you folks in on a good bet in a new album. I recently acquired a copy of Randall Hylton's new Rebel release and it is a top drawer good one.

The Music Starts Right Here and it sure does. That is the album title and the first cut. Besides the title tune, which really sets the pace for the album, there is an instrumental version of "Bells of St. Mary's," novelty "Over the Counter Drugs" and "Cannonball Blues," one of the good old ones. Others include the instrumental "Slack Jaw Bimbo" and "I'm" Gonna Be Movin'," a good gospel time Randall wrote and which was recorded by the Lewis Family.

Let me tell you a bit about Randall. We met him for the first time about three years ago at a festival he was playing. Besides his talents on playing and performing, he is also an excellent songwriter. So good in fact that he won bluegrass songwriter of the year three years. No small feat in itself.

At last count, or the last I have heard, over 125 of his songs have been recorded. The Lewis Family have recorded in excess of 25 of Randall's songs.

Randall Hylton is a very personable sort, friendly with a big grin and ready wit and does a great one-man entertaining show. That's why his fans are solid. This new album is full of good finger pickin', novelty songs and an old standard or two, true to the country style.

Of interest to local bluegrass bands, Randall is planning to expand his newsletter to include other bluegrass groups as a combined effort to spread the word concerning appearances, what he is doing and new albums/tapes. He has already approached Lost & Found with the idea. It will be a joint effort that will greatly expand a group's mailing list. He will be glad to share details if you write him, Randall Hylton, 1402 Birdsall St., Old Hickory, TN 37138.

I had a correspondence tape from Randall recently. There was a note of excitement as he told me that Billboard had reviewed his album with very good comments and high marks. He told this to Gary Reid at Rebel Records and, according to Mr. Hylton, Gary was also stunned. The reason is that Rebel had sent many records to Billboard and this was the first one they had reviewed.

You will be able to hear cuts from it on my show from time to time along with a lot of top bluegrass and traditional country. Sunday nights at 8 on WFPL, 89.3 FM, Louisville.

Looking back to the top of my page here I think I should have told you where to get Randall Hylton's new album. first try one of the local record shops and see if they can or will order for you. If not, order from Old Homestead Records, Box 100, Brighton, MI 48116. If you write them you will also get a listing of the many great bluegrass and old time, traditional records they have available.