The Reel News

Falk Recording Service Engineer David Blythe reports that they have been extremely busy. Album projects have included Karen Dean's second album, Double Dip; Kenny Jarvis cut a square dance album; Stan Moon recorded an album of his tunes, as did Division System; Gayle Russ recorded an album of Contemporary Christian material; the Courtney Culligan Quartet did a fusion album on location; Linda Franklin taped a Christmas album live.

Demos cut since last issue include a three-song vocal demo by Laika Simons; Carol Ruston did a Christmas recording; Mike and Susie Harper did a demo tape for "Susie Harper and Heartwood"; Grand Slam and Vicki Grasch also did demos. Sherman Tunnel recorded a single. The FBI Male Revue assembled a performance soundtrack.

On-location work has included recordings of the Louisville Bach Society, the Louisville Chorus Christmas Concert, the JCC Orchestra, the Beargrass Christian Church Christmas Concert, the Shelbyville Presbyterian Church Christmas Concert, the Floyd Central High School Chorus, the Eastern High School Chorus, the Presentation Academy Music Department Christmas Concert, the Ceruti Chamber Players Concert and a live recording of Debbie Tuggle.


Studio 2002 Owner / Engineer Rob Magallon reports that Yer Girlfriend has finished a ten-song album project entitled "We Won't Be Silent"; Kevin Barry cut two original rap tunes for Oznola's Records; Ruperto T. has finished all tracks for his solo sax album project mixdown is scheduled after the holidays; Glenda Elam of Odyssey Sound Design is working on three original tunes she plans to shop to Nashville; The BP'S wrapped up a seven-song rap project. finally, Rob is ecstatic about his new SMPTE time code generator.

Real To Reel Owner/Engineer Jeff Carpenter has done the final mix on a project for Lexington's Ten Foot Pole, which may develop into a CD; Scott Brown, formerly with Guerilla Theater, has been cutting demos and Dan Gediman's group Something Big is scheduled in to continue with his Comettes project.

Mach I the Central City, Kentucky studio hosted Debbie Tuggle as she used the five hours of studio time she won in the Everly Brothers Talent Search to cut two tunes.