Looking Back

The L.A.S.C. Letter looks back at the JULY issue of ...


• WHAS-TV aired a segment on "Papa" Gene Adams during an 11 p.m. newscast during the month of June.

A • Ronnie Dee the co-op's new Program Coordinator.

• Members of the L.A.S.C. and Homefront Performances played the first in a set of four performances at Theater Square. Performers included: Paul Moffett, Marie. Augustine, Tom Flood, Wally Hill, Debi Knight and Gene Adams.


• Bill Ede attended the Kerrville New Folk Concert in Kerrville, Texas.

• The June Unsung Writers Showcase featured the performances of Tom Fl.ood, l.arry Green, Marie Augustine, Susan Tomes, Hugh Hill and Bill Ede. The unsung writers included: Earl Meyers, John Goodin, Karen Le Van, Paulette Logsdon, Gene Adams, Joyce Trammell and Jean Metcalfe.

• Busy man Claude Wayne invited on stage by Loretta Lynn to do tribute to her in his "Gregory Peck" voice.


• Songwriting Competition '89 announced.

Debbie Hupp and Billy Edd Wheeler guest speakers at the June 5 meeting.

Alan Morris and Valerie Yeiser appeared on "Today in WAVE Country" on June 12 to publicize the West Point Ky. River Days Festival.

Becky Bennett and Kelly Wilkinson in Nashville to do a demo of a Joann Hatcher tune.