Duo finds More Work in Louisville Than Nashville

By Paul Moffett

Ken Gilchrist and Gayle Anderson were struggling in Nashville, hard up to find paying gigs. They decided to move away from Music City for a while, so it was off to the library to research other cities.

Gilchrist picked up a copy of the Courier-Journal's Saturday Scene Magazine.

"I counted 132 places that listed live music," he said. With that many venues booking music, he and Anderson figured it was worth a quick trip up to survey the scene in person.

The first week they were in town, they got a gig playing the early weeknights at Night Visions, a recently opened club in Middletown. Billed as Twice as Nice, the duo plays pop and top 40 rock and R&B hits, backing their vocals with guitar and keyboards.

Before that gig came to an end, the pair were busy lining up other work. Still working as Twice As Nice, they signed up for a job at the Willow Lake Tavern, a bar on Lagrange Road, just west of Anchorage, where they play country and rock standards.

They signed up with Triangle Talent's Mike Ballard, who thinks that they will be able to work regularly. In the meantime, they continue to write regularly. They are playing at Clifton's Pizza Company; under the name Two Without Suitcases.

Gilchrist notes that the job skills he learned hustling for gigs in Nashville work even better in Louisville, primarily because the competition is not nearly as stiff.

He and his partner are happy to be working regularly, doing what they love playing music.