Thanks from local musician

Thanks for your support of the Louisville music scene!

Keep it going, guys!

John Gage

Louisville, KY 40204

Appreciates article about son

I want to thank you for the article you wrote on my son, Gary Brewer, and "The Kentucky Ramblers." (May 1990 issue) The article was ... greatly appreciated by Gary and all the Ramblers, plus Dad and Mom Brewer. We are very proud of Gary and love to see good things written about him....

Keep up the good work. You and your paper rate an "E" for excellence.

Norma J. Brewer

Louisville, KY 40216

(Thanks, Mrs. Brewer, we like those kinds of ratings. -- Editor.)

Rhody says thanks for continuing support

I want to thank the Louisville Music News for your continuing support of my efforts as a singer/songwriter. You are producing a fine publication and one that Louisville really needs.

I wish you great continued success!

Alan Rhody

Nashville, TN 37212