The Reel News

By Paul Moffett

Studio 2002 Rob Magallon reports that even though he's spending a lot of time tending to his Mom, who had knee replacement surgery recently, some recording has taken place. Earlene Kahn has cut a two-song demo that's being shopped to several labels. Jack Hall cut a drum demo that resulted in a job with Kingdom Come, who are currently out in California.

Courtney Haynes and Nick Johnson cut a rap tune each. Drummer Ronnie Minton also cut a four-song demo. finally, Ruperto T's solo sax album is drawing some interest in Europe and Rob says that the tune that he wrote for the album is one that is really getting some attention.

Real To Reel Jeff Carpenter is mostly excited by the release of the Mrs. Frazier project (reviewed elsewhere in this issue). Nevertheless, he has been recording an eight-song demo by Lexington band Stranglmartin, who has a line into a Texas label.

Murphy's Law is scheduled in to record an album; more on this later. Cold War cut a demo; and finally, Insufficient Funds soundman David Steele is working on the soundtrack for a multi-media show scheduled to be presented at the Kentucky Center for the Arts.

Mom's Recording Studio Steve Ferguson has been working steadily on his new project. There's no title yet and no release date. The Spanky Lee CD has gone out for mastering and, as of this date, is set for a release in mid-June. Marvin Maxwell also noted that a Nashville producer rented the studio for a couple of days last month to cut a project for a Nashville singer. The producer has since called and scheduled another session.

Music Man Studio Charlie Walls says he's so busy promoting the single "Give Me Your Heart," by Johnie Pierce and the Dawnbreakers, recently released on his own label, that he hasn't had time to make any money at recording. The single is getting airplay on a number of Central, Kentucky radio stations.

Falk Recording Service Gary Falk has been getting mighty dirty, what with driving nails, pulling up roofing and other tasks related to the expansion project going on at the studio. When completed, Falk Recording will have two studios and a lot more space.

"Meanwhile, recording goes on. During the past month, an album for Quinn Chapel Church was recorded; Charla Dryburgh cut an album of fourteen children's songs, Andy High engineering; Stan Moon continued his project, with Steve Crews helping out; Denim and Lace came and cut an album; Oldham County Middle School Choir recorded an album, directed by Brenda Smith; Glory Bound is working on a gospel album; Walnut Street Baptist Church is in the middle of an album celebrating their 175th anniversary, recording was on-location; the Eastern High Choir concert at Bellarmine was taped, Elizabeth Mears directing; ditto the Presentation Academy Choir, directed by Debbie Decker; finally, the on-location crew recorded the Shelbyville Presbyterian Church Choir, John Clayton director. Andy High engineered.