Letters To The Editor

David LaDuke feels review 'totally unfair,' hopes for 'some type of retraction.'

I have sent this letter in response to the review you did of my Uncle Pleasant's show, February 11. I felt, and so do a number of others feel, it was totally unfair. First of all, I realize Louisville Music News had no writers to cover a Hard Rock Metal concert, and I realize you are not in any way, shape or form qualified to review such a concert, as you informed my wife prior to the show.

I hope you will print some type of retraction of the review you gave me. It was not fair and not informative enough of my music and style.

David LaDuke

Louisville, Ky. 40258

(Mr. LaDuke's letter ran some two and one-half typewritten pages long. It outlined why he felt the article [not a review] was unfair. He explained why the sound mix was poor, why the show started late, why our reporter could not understand his song lyrics [sat in the wrong location], and why the opening act [Madd Rabbit] was received more enthusiastically than the headliner. Louisville Music News sticks by its article. We feel a reporter should do just what the name implies. The LaDuke article was the writer's report of what occurred at the concert, not an attempt to seek out and explain the reasons why. -- Editor.)

Wants readers to send get-well cards to Esco Hankins.

A quick note ... Esco Hankins is in V.A. Hospital with a severe stroke. Esco was at one time a big name in country music, having recorded for King, Columbia and other record labels. Be nice if you could have readers of Louisville Music News send get-well cards to him at 2864 Winter Park Drive, Lexington, Ky. 40517.

Howard Vokes

New Kensington, Pa. 15068

"... readers will be able to say 'we knew them when.'"

As a faithful reader since the first issue, I want to compliment you on the fine job you've done all along. However, I must say that Jean Metcalfe's interview of Daniel Dutton, and Bob Bahr's review of Mr. Dutton's "Stone Man" were the driving forces behind the present letter. I had the distinct feeling that someday we readers will be able to say "we knew them when...."

Lowell H. Linder

Crestwood, Ky. 40014

(Thanks, Mr. Linder. Your letter helps makes the rough road smooth. -- Editor.)