Tempus Fugit

By Smith

Between Third and Fourth Streets on Ormsby is a little-known lunch spot called Domilise's Beanery. On Friday, February 2, a local group called Tempus Fugit began what will be a series of weekend entertainment events at the Beanery.

They kicked off the first set with the Jethro Tull standard "Living in the Past," complete with flute solos and jungle noises. With Scott Profitt sitting in on drums in place of regular drummer Ronald Pleasant, Pat Watson led Jeff Hatfield on bass and Woody Mauldin,lead, through three sets of varied, energetic music, mostly rhythm and blues, plus rock from the Seventies. As the evening progressed, the crowd warmed up to the band and began dancing as the effect of the beers set in.

Most of the songs were fairly well arranged, though there were a few misplaced chords and drum strokes. Overall, the sets were tight and the show entertaining.

One final note. If the Beanery intends to have regular live music, the management should consider installing additional ventilation. The excess smoke was responsible for at least a dozen complaints.