" Led for Your Head" at Tewligans

By Jim Powell

The second annual "Led for Your Head" contest was held on April 23, with fifteen bands entered in the first round. The five winners (whose names were not available at press time) were to vie for $400 worth of studio time by offering their best cover of a Led Zeppelin song to a distinguished panel of judges.

The winner of the first contest was Core of Resistance, now known as the New Deal, who used their studio time to cut another demo tape.

David Barhorst, Tewligans owner, explained that the contest came into being because the types of bands that play his Bardstown Road establishment are usually heavy metal or alternative/progressive.

"Led Zeppelin seems to be the perfect band to mix both heavy metal and alternative/progressive bands together," Barhorst said, "because both genres owe something to Led Zeppelin and they are most likely to still get into Led Zeppelin."

Because of the success of the first two contests, the continuation of the "Led for Your Head" competition seems assured. Other bands may be added perhaps a "Stones for Your Bones" contest. The basic rule of allowing only local bands to compete will remain.

With the added sponsorship of radio station WQMF and a greater focus on this contest, more bands will receive more of the attention that they work so hard to get.