Appreciates reading about Hascal Haile and Desert Rose Band

I can't remember what I did to receive your charming publication, but I'm very pleased that I got on the mailing list. Networkin' is more than a hip buzz-word if ya ride on a mail train and ya thought you'd found a great lyricist in NV but he didn't like ya tunes....

Louisville must be a nice place. I knew Mr. Atkins (Chet) had been very pleased with one of Mr. Haile's gut-string guitars but I'd long ago given up on ever learning anything about the man who made them or what made them unique. I really appreciate the article on the Desert Rose Band....

Keep it cooking; I love your publication.

Jim Fuhrman Richmond,

VA 23238

(Thanks for those kind words, Mr. Fuhrman. Glad you enjoyed the articles you referred to from our April issue. Editor.)

Looking for old rockabilly vets

First let me thank you for your magazine. I enjoy it very much. I'm an old rockabilly and doing a book about the stars I knew and worked with. Also those who weren't big stars ... I need to find some of the old vets. Have rounded up quite a few but need more, as I want to make the book as good as possible….

If you know anything about the rockabilly artists please send me info on them. If you know anyone who has pictures, clippings, interviews, etc., I'd appreciate those too….

I'm now a DJ at WKMT, Kings Mountain, NC…. from 12 noon till 6 p.m. weekdays. If I can help any of your recording friends let me know. My format is country, but I mix in the early rockabilly.

Before I quit the road I played in your city and Ohio. In fact, all the way into Canada.

Jim Arp

Kings Mountain, NC 28086

Thanks from Shaking Family

As we get ready to go on tour I want to drop you a line and say a real big thanks to you and all at the Louisville Music News … for all of your support. Support is how we have the guts to open our mouths and sing our songs to each other.

Thank you. Best regards.

Vince Emmett, Shaking Family

Louisville, KY 40207

Wishes newspaper continued success

A few lines to wish you continued success with Louisville Music News. I always enjoy reading each issue and like to be surprised by seeing a biography on an older country artist, or someone I feel I might be able to help in the business....

Esco Hankins still "hanging on" from that severe stroke. The ole-time King-Mercury and Columbia recording artist would enjoy get well cards sent to this address:

Esco Hankins

2864 Winter Park Drive

Lexington, KY 40517

Howard Vokes

New Kensington, Pa. 15068

Music News one of Murphy's Law's favorites

...I have seen our name (Murphy's Law) in your excellent newspaper and figured you might be interested (in the group)…

We are proud of being from Louisville, even though among us we've played in just about every state east of the Rockies…

I'd like to say that the Music News is one of the group's favorite newspapers and the writings therein have been a profound and positive influence on our lives.

John Burgard

Louisville, KY 40204

(And your letter and the compliments therein have had a profound and positive influence on our lives, Mr. Burgard. Thanks. Editor.)

Family and friends enjoyed article

Just a note to thank you for the article.... My family and friends sure enjoyed it and, of course, so did I.

Thanks again.

Melissa Combs

Lanesville, IN 47136

(And we thank you, too, Melissa. It was a pleasure to interview you for the April feature story. Editor.)