Louisville Grammy-Award Winners to Conduct Songwriter Workshops

By Carol Lindsay

On March 24, Debbie Hupp held her first songwriter workshop at the Brownsboro Inn in Louisville, Ky. Although Ms. Hupp has conducted many seminars and workshops in conjunction with such organizations as ASCAP and Nashville Songwriters Association lntemational, this was the beginning of many scheduled meetings across the country. .

Although she didn't expect the surprise snowstorm that no doubt reduced attendance, Ms. Hupp did expect to uncover some new talent from her hometown area. She was not disappointed as there were, according to Ms. Hupp, several songwriters present who showed promise.

Warner Brothers publisher Chuck Neese was the guest speaker. He instructed the class about such things as copyright, publishing contracts and performance rights societies. Workshop participants also learned how to find a good publisher and work with him/her; the do's and don'ts of demos; and how songwriters makes their money.

Debbie Hupp's knowledge in the business comes from experience. Twenty years of songwriting has produced approximately thirty recordings, including five chart singles, three of which reached the coveted number one status. Probably her best-known work, "You Decorated My Life, " co-written with Bob Morrison and recorded by Kenny Rogers, won a Grammy award in 1980.

Future workshops have been scheduled for Cincinnati, Indianapolis and the Seattle area. As time permits, Ms. Hupp will travel to other states where interest is shown. Additional information about the songwriter workshops can be had by calling Huptown Music at (615) 298-4253.