Reel News

By Paul Moffett

Falk Recording Services - Falk Recording is expanding, with a new addition going up at the back of the current studio. Tim Haertel reports that despite the construction work, things have been busy at the studio. Sessions in April have included an on-location of the Bach Society's Spring program; Jack Johnson did a gospel-music album; Stan Moon, Steve Taylor and Steve Crews cut several Moon originals; Mark Smith recorded a gospel album; Bald Knob String Band has recorded an album of their very original tunes; Quinn Chapel AME choir was recorded on location; Ron Coy recorded a gospel music album to be called Glory Bound; Transylvania University Band on location is upcoming, as is the Kentucky Music Educators Association all-district band competition in Fort Knox; Denim and Lace are scheduled in for a demo.

Studio 2002 - Rob Magallon reports that Straight Company finished their ten-song a cappella project; The Fudd Brothers have completed two songs of a four-song pop/rock project; Schmitt Family Bluegrass Band 4-song sales demo; evangelist Dave Davis recorded a four-song project; comedian Phil Kelley completed the first ten of a twenty-song, two-album project, with Magallon handling bass and keyboard chores on all items; Kevin Barry of Pursuance remixed two tunes; rap group B.B.P. added one song to a seven-tune project that is scheduled to be pitched to Def Jam Records in New York; Earlene Kahn is beginning a contemporary gospel project with Kevin Jones of Passion, produced by Leslie Graham.

Music Man Studios - L.A.S.C. Secretary Diana Black has been working on a couple of tunes; Johnnie Pierce working on two tunes for a forty-five; Gardner Barger has a couple of tunes being worked.

Real to Reel - Jeff Carpenter says Wes Hawkins and Tracy Hawkins have been in doing pop/rock demos; Murphy's Law came in for a demo; a cassette album project is in the works; Dave Steele is working on a soundtrack for a show at the Kentucky Center for the Arts; finally, the Mrs. Frazier album has been completed and is in Nashville.

Artec Studios (Salem, Ind.) - owner Mike Stites reports that the Roz Tate project is completed and has gone to Nashville for mastering to CD; Rusty Bladen is continuing with his album project; finally, Madison, Ind. blues band Tornadoz is cutting some demos and starting an album.