"Who is Ersel Hickey and Why Is His Likeness Painted on the Side of a Building in the 1000 Block of Bardstown Road in Louisville, Ky.?"

By Jean Metcalfe

The cover on last month's issue of Louisville Music News is reproduction of the artwork on a brick wall adjacent to Guitar Emporium, 1019 Bardstown Road in Louisville. That cover has prompted a number of inquiries and we will here try to answer a few of the questions that have been asked.

According to Ricky Feather, creator of the work, the likeness is that of minor rockabilly artist Ersel Hickey. Feather, a house painter, sign painter and musician, felt the photo of Hickey that he copied epitomized rockabilly performers.

Feather, lead vocalist and guitar player with the band Bodeco, believes he painted the picture about two years ago and that it took him two days to do it.

Feather said that Hickey was playing at the Peppermint Lounge in New York City when he was there about five years ago. Hickey is about 55 years old, Feather guesses and thinks he hails from Pennsylvania or some other town in that part of the country.

On a recent stop at Shively Records on Dixie Highway, we purchased a copy of Hickey's "Bluebirds Over the Mountain." The 45 rpm record indicates that Hickey is the writer of the song. "Moonlight Gambler," sung by Frankie Laine, with Ray Conniff and his Orchestra, is on Side A. Underground Records is the record label.

(Ricky Feather and Bodeco will be playing at Uncle Pleasant's on May 5 and at Butchertown Pub at a later date. Feather welcomes our readers to stop in and catch their performance.)