So You'd Like To Perform On A Songwriter Showcase

By Joyce Trammell

If you have ever thought that you might like to be a part of one of the L.A.S.C. Songwriter Showcases that take place on the frst Saturday of each month, here is what you could do: Step One: Get some performing experience under your belt. Open stage on Monday nights at "The Rud" would be a place to start.

Step Two: Performing can help you get your songs in good shape both vocally and instrumentally.

Step Three: Perfect your performance style. See what originals your audience likes.

Step Four: Contact Sammy Reid or Joyce Trammell, committee co-chairpersons to set up a time when your performance can be seen. (See L.A.S.C. membership roster for their phone numbers.)

Upcoming Showcases

The Showcase Committee is open to ideas for the August, September and October showcases. The November showcase will take place during L.A.S.C.'s annual symposium and publishers and/or producers will be in attendance.