By Diana Black


The Co-op is happy to welcome several new members since the last issue of the Letter. They have received member numbers 327-330, respectively.

Bill Ferguson, from Madison, Ind., recently joined during one of our open stages. I have not met Bill nor received correspondence from him; sorry I cannot pass more information along.

Rick Voyles joins us from Hartford, Ky., where he spends his writing time on country, pop and gospel music. He has performed his "own songs and others" at many church gatherings singing solo, back-up and in duos.

Industrious may be a good word to describe Rick, as he has offered to help with contacting radio stations, typing, selling tickets or whatever the need may be. Thanks, Rick!

Sharon Anne Thomas, stage name Sharona Costello, resides in Evansville, Ind.. She is presently with CAPAC, a Canadian rights organization.

Accompanying herself on guitar, Sharona has played open stages, benefit concerts and weddings. Her musical tastes lean toward pop, MOR and easy listening; she is considering co-writing as a possibility.

Sharona would like to attend a meeting or two before she decides how she could best assist the Co-op.

I'll be looking forward to meeting you soon, Sharona!

Doug Mitchell joined at our October 1st meeting. Currently living in Louisville, Doug recently graduated from Western Kentucky University.

Having performed in various plays and variety shows, Doug began playing guitar a couple of years ago and trying his hand at writing. He is interested in all kinds of music, from Led Zeppelin rock to Robert Johnson blues and is willing to collaborate.

When I spoke with Doug, he indicated he is very interested in helping with anything electrical or electronic, i.e., showcase sound. I'm sure the showcase committee will be calling, Doug. Thanks!

As new members, you may have questions concerning the organization or the music industry in general. Please feel free to call me at 502-893-0693 and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Anyone interested in joining the LASC or just wanting more information about the organization is welcome to call me at the above number and I will be glad to answer any questions and/or forward a membership application.

PLEASE NOTE: Again, I would like to encourage new members to include with their completed application an attached page of bio information. Our welcome column is the perfect place to "let yourself be known."