Corrections & Clarifications

The last several lines of our feature story about Debbie Hupp were inadvertently Omitted in our September issue. The missing lines have been rescued from our computer and are included in this issue. May we suggest that you take a minute and clip those few lines and attach them to the original story.

You'll find them on page 23 along with a small photo of Ms. Hupp.

A pearl or two of "Earl's Pearls" also met the same fate as the Debbie Hupp story. See this month's episode of "Earl's Pearls" for the omission.

We trust you were able to find the final lines of last month's article about the Rosine Bluegrass Festival. They were on a different page – we just didn't tell you which one.

"And finally, although the month's calendar was otherwise correct (as far as we know), the heading at the top of the page indicated that it was for the month of August rather than September. My how time flies