Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

• Siblings Bill and Mickey Clark will be playing together again at a new club, the Diamond Station, located at the corner of Bardstown Road and Woodbourne Ave. Bill used to play with John Gage and Dana Gunnison in the '70s folk group Country Folk, then with his own group and Mickey is well-known for his songwriting, particularly for his annual songs for the Louisville Cardinals.

• Lexingtonian Tim Lake, who was just in town for the Homefront show, allowed that he had gotten married back on August 26, in Japan, in a Shinto ceremony.

As he tells it, part of the ceremony required that he and his bride, Miyuki Hashimoto, read a Shinto passage together. In Japanese. Since Lake speaks no Japanese, the text was written out phonetically. Some practice helped and it looked like everything would go smoothly, until Lake began to knock back the saki that the priest offered him during the ceremony. Suddenly, he was told that he would have to read the passage alone.

"It sounded like, 'yamama, urk, ing' to me," he said, imitating the sound he made trying to read phonetic Japanese with an alcoholic slur. "Everybody said that they understood me perfectly, anyway." In any case, the wedding went off okay and the happy couple is back in the States.

• Speaking of Homefront, the season-opening show on September 8 was marked by hot music from Tim Lake and the Little Big Band and Mustard's Retreat and an even hotter room. The temperature inside the non-air-conditioned old church was well into the "faint and fall out on the floor" range, reminding some of the Homefront stalwarts of the first year when concerts were held all summer. It must have bothered host John Gage as well, as he began the first of two radio shows by introducing the wrong act first, requiring the show's director to bring everything to a halt and start over. Ah, well, first time for everything. The next Homefront Show will shift venues and dates to the Red Barn on the U of L campus, on October 20, rather than October 13. That show will be a rock 'n' roll show with Lawrence Beale and the Sultans and One Red Romeo.

The New Deal has a new female singer, Stacey Ford. Ms. Ford's background is in music theater. The group is headed for the studio to make a new demo tape.

Danny Flanigan, formerly with Hopscotch Army and current host of the Tuesday "Monkey Night" at Dutch's, has been picked to be included in the NewSouth '90 industry showcase in Atlanta, Ga. Flanigan will perform on Friday, October 5th at the Trackside in Atlanta, an offical NewSouth Showcase. Flanigan is currently promoting a recording of his solo-acoustic material, entitled Danny Flanigan.

• Indy- and Louisville-based Sweet F. A.'s MCA album, Stick to Your Guns, got a positive review in the September 29 issue of Billboard magazine. Way to go, guys.

• Hardly a month goes by that I don't get a note from David La Duke. This month, he reports that his "Tellin' Me Lies" cut will be on Rocket Records Power in Numbers Best Unsigned Acts CD Vol. 2. The CD is supposed to be distributed to assorted record execs, A&R and promotion folk.

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