24-7 SPYZ

By Jimmy Le Van

On Monday, August 20, seven friends and I ventured to Snagilwet (formerly Tewligans) to see the up-and-rising funk- punk band 24-7 SPYZ and their opener, Primus. The night got off to a slow start, but Primus did more than break in the crowd for the headliner,

It started when one guy with long hair, a '70s disco shirt and a fat cigar began doing some kind of tribal rain dance. Slowly people started merging toward the stage. By the time the SPYZ got onstage the crowd wasmore than roaring.

24-7 SPYZ is made up of Jimi Hazel, Peter Fluid, Anthony Johnson and Rick Skatore, all from New York. Each has a different musical background, which is what gives them their sound. 24-7 SPYZ is a mixture of funk, punk and reggae, which enables them to produce a hard core sound. There's nothing like 24-7 SPYZ to satisfy your musical taste buds.

Once the SPYZ got going, the crowd was nothing but a pit of flailing bodies, including myself, diving off the stage into a raging sea of people who were dripping wetfrom sweat and spewed beer. When the show was over we all left satisfied, knowing it was one of the best shows ever and happy that we had had ear plugs.