Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in all honesty, I can't say that I felt particularly flattered when I happened to pick up a recent issue of what I thought was the local rock paper, River City Rocks.

River City Rocks? River City Review, it's erstwhile alter ego? No, now it has become River City Music News, the words Music News in huge type, River City in much smaller.

RCR has been covering the metal and associated scene in five cities, with particular interest in L.A. bands for a while and, I suppose, doing a pretty good job. Here at LMN, we have come to cover that particular subset of rock as just one more aspect of the total scene, and run pieces whenever one of our writers who is interested in it gives us something to run. Live and let live, and we think it's fine if there is a market for RCR.

Howsomever, the latest move seems a tad, well, unsportsperson-like. Not that there's too much we can really do about it, other than to advise our readers and advertisers not to be confused.

River City Music News is not, repeat, not, associated with Louisville Music News.

Just so you'll know.

Mark Rosenthal and Nancy Cahill are set to tie the knot September 16. Mark has been drawing a crowd Wednesday nights at Clifton's. When he's not playing music, Mark is Artistic Director at Doe Anderson.

For you folks who used to make the trip to Rivendell, Dale Whiteside's annual musical event in Jonesboro, Ill., take note that the continuation is scheduled for September 28-30, up in Harrison County, Ind. If you don't know somebody to contact, you probably aren't invited.

Rocker David La Duke continues to get his tunes picked to go on compilation CDs. This time, he's set for The Foundation's Forum 90 CD. The CD will be distributed at the Forum's 90 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Convention in Los Angeles in September. Other acts on the CD include Anthrax, Exodus and Precious Metal.

Ray Shipp is opening another Music Warehouse store. This one will be at 4121 Shelbyville Road, across from Circuit City. Dave Ernspiker will manage. It'll be a chain before too long, Ray.

Another Open Stage!? Lotsa places to play for fun. This one is a resurrection - Snagilwet (a.k.a. Tewligans) on Wednesdays. Sign-up starts at 9:30. Showtime is 10:00 p.m. - 12:30 a.m. Hosts vary.

The University of Louisville's Center for Continuing Education is offering some interesting musical courses this semester. Sally George is teaching a couple of dulcimer workshops; Louisville Orchestra conductor Lawrence Leighton Smith will host a series of evenings of music and discussion, featuring such artists as pianists Phillippe Entremont and Benedetto Lupo and violinists Pichas Zukerman and Midori; Alex Kelly will teach a beginning course in playing your portable keyboard; finally, Something Big's Dan Gediman will host a course on the History of Rock and Roll. For more details, call the Center of Continuing Education at (502) 588-6061.