Greetings Blues fans:

The Garvin Gate Blues Festival will take place October 12 and 13, and this year's line-up will prove to be the best yet. However, I can't reveal much at this time since we have no contracted commitments. The festival will be a little bigger this year, with the soundstage located on Oak Street at Garvin. Oak Street will be closed.

Congratulations to Curtis and the Kicks for their seconnd place finish in the Blues/Indy Talent Contest in Indianapolis in July. This position entitles them to be in Memphis, Tenn. to compete in the national finals over the Labor Day Weekend. We'll issue good-blues karma to the band during the competition. Curtis was elected to the Board of Directors of the Society on August 6, along with Jeffrey Crowder. Jeff has taken a highly active interest in the extra affairs of the blues movement here in the KBS region.

The KYANA Blues Society is now a member of the Blues Foundation and the National Blues Connection. This membership will facilitate networking among blues organizations everywhere.


Rocky Adcock-Amaretto