By Diana Black

September 3 (Labor Day) -- Grab bag night. Bring a cassette (and lyric sheets) of the FIRST song you ever wrote! What a great opportunity for each of us to see how we have improved and have some fun while we're at it.

September 17 -- Critique session. Please bring ten (10) lyric sheets along with your tape.

October 1 -- Bobby Lanz will speak to the membership about pop music and writing for that market.

October 15 -- Critique session. Please bring ten (10) lyric sheets along with your tape.


Doc Dockery and Charlie Walls brought the membership to its feet at the August 6th meeting. Only minutes into their demonstration on how to use a 4-track machine, Prez Paul suggested everyone join the two studio men at the front of the meeting room so all could get a closer look at the two systems furnished for the evening.

Larry Standiford (unfortunately out of town on business and not able to make the meeting) had supplied Doc with the Fostex 250 system, a quality machine that enables one to start with a drum beat, add bass, guitar and vocals. A process called "ping pong(ing)" allows the user to add even more to the demo by recording two or three completed tracks onto one and using the remaining track(s) for other instruments or vocals.

The digital system Charlie demonstrated was furnished by Kenny Deweese, owner of Far Out Music. The system was a Tascam Porta 05 which produces excellent sound while allowing the same versatility as the above mentioned system. To better illustrate the process, Alan Morris was asked to grab a guitar and with the help of Doc and Charlie, made a demo on the spot.

The evening's demonstration allowed those members not familiar with 4-track machines the opportunity to "get used" to them and see that they are not as difficult to operate as they appear.

During a discussion on the time it takes to become adept with a machine of this nature, Lisa Murray mentioned that U of L and IUS have electronic lab courses for those wanting more knowledge.

Anyone thinking they may be interested in purchasing a 4-track can rent one from Doo-Wop Music to determine if they want to invest the money. It was suggested that before leaving the store it would be wise to have someone demonstrate how to use the leased machine.

Many thanks to Charlie, Doc and Larry for supplying us with yet another tool to use in honing the craft of songwriting.

Our monthly critique session was held during the August 20th meeting. We heard tunes from Mike Layman, Tim Lynch, Liz Shea, and co-writing efforts from Karen Le Van and Alan Morris, Earl Meyers and Scott Furlong, Sammy Reid and Charlie Walls.