By Diana Black

The Membership Committee has a new address. Please address mail to the Membership Committee to:

Membership Committee


P. O. Box 6833

Louisville, KY 40207-6833


The co-op is thrilled to announce the addition of nine new members. The following new members received membership numbers 313 through 321, respectively.

* * * *

Judy Spoo has been regularly traveling from her home in Taylorsville, Ky., to our Monday membership meetings. After encouragement from her husband John and former board member Earl Meyers, Judy has been extremely active in both the LASC and the Louisville NSAI workshop.

A strong force in Judy's life is her love of music. Since childhood, when she began singing and playing piano and participating in school talent shows and church functions, she has played organ or piano for almost every church she has attended. Joining a gospel quartet in the 1970s still holds special meaning for Judy as an experience she "dearly loved."

Primarily writing gospel music since 1986, Judy composes on piano and organ. Her positive attitude concerning writing is reflected in the statement she "really look(s) forward to learning and exploring the possibility as a songwriter."

I have had the pleasure of talking with Judy on many occasions and am excited she made the decision to join our group and actively share her talents and inspirations.

* * * * Carlotta Starr Greathouse is a sophomore at Bellarmine College majoring in vocal music and education with a jazz emphasis in music. Having performed since elementary school, Starr has been training to become an entertainer through tap, ballet, voice, guitar and piano lessons.

Having been raised in the small community of Bardstown, Ky., Starr admits, gave her ample time to practice vocally while "listening to the beats of Dizzy Gillispie, Duke Ellington and Billie Holliday." She has designed her voice to the musical talents of Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Janet Jackson and Anita Baker.

She is happy her efforts have already paid off in that she has participated in the Showtime Chorus, the musical play "64 Blue Letters," and the College Singers Chorus.

Interested in collaboration, Starr is writing soft rock, R&B and pop. Offering to help the co-op, she has volunteered to design or post signs for upcoming events and would love to perform on our songwriter showcases.

Starr wrote on her application that she "hope(s) to add something new and fresh to the LASC ...(she) can't wait to get started!"

Welcome aboard, Starr!

* * * *

Regina Taylor is the Administrator of Follow The Light Music at Light Productions. She is currently overseeing all business concerning the L.P.I. record label while handling bookings, sound needs, etc. for Light Productions. Regina explains she is "involved basically in the area of business management in music and midi creation and design of music through the use of computers."

Her involvement with Light Productions came in 1987 while Regina was visiting Louisville with the Alaska delegation attending the National Conference of the Enlisted Association of the National Guard. Regina introduced herself to LASC member Debbie Tuggle at Churchill Downs after hearing one of Debbie's shows which featured "North to the Future," a song Tuggle had written about Alaska.

In Regina's words, "To make a long story short, Debbie and I became friends and I organized her Alaska tour last year with the cooperation of the Army National Guard for transportation needs."

Though not currently a songwriter, Regina is very interested in becoming an active co-op member. She has offered to help when we have a special need for assistance in any area.

With your music business experience, you can bet we'll be calling, Regina. Thanks for your offer.

Folks attending the August 4th Songwriter Showcase had the pleasure of hearing new member Laura Davis' sultry vocals during a set of cover tunes as well as songs written by board member, Joyce Trammell. (Please see Showcase article elsewhere in the Letter.)

Laura has performed for the LASC in the past with the Strung-Out Band, covering tunes written by and singing with co-op member Dave Troxell. While primarily a soloist, she has toured with a band and recorded back-up vocals in recording sessions.

Still in the process of actively writing at this time, she is concentrating her career toward more recording.

Both you and your voice will be an asset to the organization, Laura.

* * * *

Margaret Sonja Thompson (Soni) recently relocated to the Louisville area from Fargo, N. D.

Excited about the prospects of having her original tunes critiqued and gaining benefit from involvement with the co-op, she hopes she in turn can help others through her knowledge, music skills and style.

Sonja's performing experience includes two years of placing first as a solo vocalist for her high school, with both original songs and guitar accompaniment, plus first chair in the school choir. She has also been lead singer for two bands, performed in various talent contests and managed some club work.

Finding a collaborator may be something Sonja will pursue; presently she is writing ballads and folk along with some upbeat pop. She definitely wants to become active with other musicians in the organization and take part in performing on showcases.

I look forward to meeting you at a meeting real soon, Sonja, and please bring one of your tunes for us to hear.

* * * *

Warren Rowe has been around the music scene for "close to ten years." It is quite possible we have heard local jingles he has written and performed for a small television station. Another feather in his cap is a nationwide advertisement he wrote for The Dream Factory. Then again we may have heard him sing lead for a number of local bands, anything from hard rock to 50s and 60s.

Various styles of writing being a big part of his life, Warren focuses his songwriting on mostly gospel and pop. Adept at both guitar and piano, he would like to share his skills with a collaborator interested in the same style of music.

Glad you have joined us, Warren. Bring a jingle or two in for us to test our memory skills on.

* * * *

Garry McCandless joined the co-op toward the end of July. I have seen him at several meetings and have spoken briefly with him over the phone, but I apologize that I have not had the opportunity to find out more about him.

I do know he writes country and novelty songs and has been writing for some time. He writes both music and lyrics and would be interested in finding a collaborator.

Garry, glad to see you are making the meetings and I hope to talk with you soon.

* * * *

Robert Dietrich lives in northern Indiana, but fortunately decided not to let distance keep him from becoming a member of our organization. As he wrote to us, he "won't be able to make the gatherings during the week. Hopefully (he) will be able to make it to the monthly weekend showcase."

As a musician and singer, Robert has produced demos for the past two years. His musical skills include keyboards, guitar and recorder.

MOR, adult contemporary and novelty are Robert's writing specialities. Interested in collaboration, perhaps he could get with writers on the Saturdays he is in town for a showcase or via the mail.

We certainly hope you will join us from South Bend some Saturday very soon, Robert. Let us know, too, if you would like to perform.

* * * *

William Paul Timbs from Clarksville has acquired quite a musical background. He has played in the Bobby Burkett Band and Random plus some involvement with WAMZ.

Technically he is skilled as an electrician; musically he is skilled on guitar, bass, drums and keyboards.

Writing and performing country rock, rock, and pop rock, Paul would like to be included on a future showcase. Also anyone interested in his style of music might contact him for collaboration.

Though I have not yet talked with Paul, I do know he has offered to help the co-op with electrical set up. Thanks, Paul. The showcase committee will be in touch, I'm sure!

As new members you may have questions concerning the organization or the music industry in general; please feel free to call me at 502-893-0693 and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Anyone interested in joining the LASC or just wanting more information about the organization is welcome to call me at the above number and I will be glad to answer any questions and/or forward a membership application.

PLEASE NOTE: Again, I would like to encourage new members to include with their completed application an attached page with bio information. Our welcome column is the perfect place to "let yourself be known."