The songs and writers for the November Showcase were announced at the meeting August 13. In case you were not there, here is the list.


Barger, Gardner Shoebox Souvenirs

Black, Diana Something Gold

Black, D./Walls, C. Heart of Dixie

Burch, Eddie Cortez

Dockery, Gary Daddy Played Jimmie Rogers

Easton, Larry Magic's All Over

Easton, Larry I'd Love To Hear All That ..

Ede, Bill Too Many Good Things ...

Ede, Bill ...Ship Comes In

Furlong, Scott Visions

Layman, Mike Go Away

Levan, K./Rhody, A. Don't Let ME Fall In Love

Levan, K./Arena, D. Strangers Again

McGrew, Donald Saigon Susie

Metcalfe, Jean We Can Make It Last

Metcalfe, Jean Willie ...

Meyers, Earl Maybe This Time

Michael, Donna Just For Now

Michael, Donna Who Has The Broken Heart

Moffett, Paul CJ's Music

Moffett,P./Metcalfe,J./Walls,C. Upright Lady

Morris, Alanleasure Is Mine

Stewart, Wally We're Still Here

Standiford, Larry Into the Night

Trammell, Joyce I'll Just Keep Loving You

Trammell, Joyce Sitting Alone On Sat. Night

Walls, Charlie Thief In The Night

Walls,C./Reid,S./Barger,G. Worn Out My Welcome

Wilson, Frank Camera Appeal