The Kentucky HeadHunters

By Karen Le Van

Kentucky's favorite sons, The Kentucky HeadHunters, didn't have to hunt far to find fans as they opened for The Charlie Daniels Band on Tuesday evening, August 21, at the Kentucky State Fair.

Cardinal Stadium was filled with screaming HeadHunters fans as they opened their set with "Honky Tonk Blues" and proceeded to sing most of the songs on their Mercury/Polygram Pickin' On Nashville smash album.

From "Skip A Rope" to the Bill Monroe song "Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine" to "Dumas Walker," The Kentucky HeadHunters had the crowd in the palm of their hands.

On "Crossroads," drummer Fred Young brought the house down with his solo, which he ended up playing bongo style after throwing his drum sticks to the audience. His playing is unbelievable – he never missed a lick – and he keeps perfect time. The coon-skin-capped drummer is the wildest I've ever seen!

The audience was "red hot," not just warmed up and waiting for CDB.

At the after-concert HeadHunters party, lead guitar player Greg Martin, a Louisville native, said that this group had played together for four years and that playing to an audience (crowd) like this was a real thrill to him.

The other members of the band are from the Bowling Green and Glasgow, Ky. areas. Rick Phelps, lead singer and Doug Phelps are brothers; Richard Young, rhythm guitar and vocals and Fred Young, are brothers. Martin is a cousin. They're one big happy family.

I'm sure it won't be long before The Kentucky HeadHunters will be going out for the "Really Big Game" and playing to sold-out arenas around the country.

Good luck and happy hunting to a group of real nice, down-to-earth Kentucky boys. Go get 'em!