Letters to the Editor

Headhunters send greetings, thanks.

Greetings from South Central Kentucky!! I just want to say "hey" and thank Jean Metcalfe for the great stories on our band. It's been a great year for us and I want to thank everyone in our home area for the support.

I'd like to thank some people who I left out in the story that's helped us out a bunch. Mr. E.J. Clark at WTMT for playing us from the start, Gene King for his support and kindness, Steve Wilson for his help on the road. Thanks guys!!

Good luck to all the readers! If we can do it you can too!!


Greg Martin

Glasgow, KY 42142

Steve Ferguson's day is coming.

A great big "right on" to Steve Ferguson!! Steve is one of the greatest guitarists/vocalist I've ever heard and his day is coming, brothers and sisters!! Keep it up, Steve, you're still one of my heroes.

God bless.

Greg Martin

Glasgow, KY 42142

(Greg, as most of our readers know, plays guitar with The Kentucky Headhunters. We thank him for both letters and also for the nice notes to us. We loved receiving them and the compliments they contained. We're looking forward to hearing the guys' new album, "Electric Barnyard. "And, Greg, please extend our congratulations to all the Headhunters on your group's recent Grammy win.)