Listening Committee Sets Deadline tor Songs to be Pitched

The listening committee has set April l. 1991 as the deadline for the next batch of tapes to be submitted for consideration for pitching.

Members of the committee for this session are: Earl Meyers, Tim Lynch, Donald McGrew, Rik Thomas and Roscoe Bland.

if you are interested in submitting a song to be sent to one or more publishers. the rules are these:

l. Only LASC members who have served on a listening committee may submit songs. The Board of Directors is eligible for having listened to several hundred contest entries.

2. Once having listened, a member's eligibility extends for a year. This means that he/she can submit songs each month.

3. A maximum of three songs may be submitted per month.

4. Put one song on a tape.

Remember. the tape you submit is the tape that goes to the publisher.

5. Typed lyrics sheets must accompany the tape(s).