By Diana Black


April 1 —Ronnie Dee has arranged for Jeffrey Lee Puckett, staff columnist for the Courier Journal. to bring us up to date on the Louisville music scene as he sees it. His column, NIGHTLIFE, appears each week in the Saturday Scene. Bring any questions you may have on what"s happening in Derby City.

April 15 After you drop oft your tax return at the post office, join us for a critique session. (Please bring 10 lyric sheets along with your tune on cassette.)

March 4 Meeting

By Ronnie Dee

Rob Brown of Far-Out Music in Jeffersonville, Ind., was featured at our March 4 meeting and presented a display on computer-enhanced songwriting. With a video display terminal and keyboard, along with a synthesizer, he showed us how even songwriting has entered the computer age with what was called a "Band in A Box."

I suppose it was inevitable but megas, MlDIs, interfaces, sequencers, downloads, sync boxes. and 240STs, along with price tags of $400, $800 and $1500 are here. I don't know how many average songwriters can afford to buy all this equipment, "but it doesn't matter. if you can't write songs. a computer isn't going to help. If you can. then the decision to own one is up to you.

The one outstanding feature that intrigued even me was the capability to print out scoresheets, but that"s not enough to convince me of their necessity. I suppose they're all right as toys for people who don't know what to do with their money, but is it something we really need'?

March 18 Meeting

The March 18 meeting was noteworthy in that it was the 5th birthday of the LASC. Vice President Jean Metcalfe arranged for a great-looking cake from Heitzman's bakery and we all munched on it with enthusiasm.

The meeting was scheduled to be a critique session. and a number of songs did undergo that ordeal, but it was only part of a meeting full of announcements, discussions and the like.

Those members who went to the NSAI Spring Seminar reported back on their experiences, mostly positive.

The committee which is listening to songs to be pitched reported back on which tunes were in and which ones weren't. Committee recorder Mike Layman also made several familiar remarks: Type those lyrics! One song per tape! Make sure the lyrics can be understood!

Mike also observed that the famous "Board bias" that has been complained about can be eliminated or at least alleviated by the process of constantly having different members listening. If you are eligible, you can submit the same tune over and over, subjecting the song to different 'ears,' thereby eliminating that "bias." Of course, he noted, if you do that and continually get rebuffed. perhaps it's time to take another look at the tune.

Late Note: Diana Black's tune "Heart of Dixie," has already gotten some interest from one publisher who heard it. More details to follow . ..


Let's not forget to thank those members who "signed on for another year": James Anderson, Lisa Gray, John Missik, Patrick Moore, Gary Potlinger and Susie Wood.

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