Newsical Notes
By Jean Metcalfe

Charlie Walls just recently cashed a check from BMI! in four figures!! If you count the change!

Seems the Music Man's company. Walls & Reid (Sammy Reid is the other half). worked with Johnie Pierce to get a cassette single on the market, and the check was for their part of the writer's share. (Hope that pithy explanation was close, Charlie.) Deadline flash: Walls & Reid have also just received a small publishing royalty check for their company for the same project. Hope the totals pay for the phone calls to Louisville. We love getting 'em.

Seriously, Charlie and Sammy, although we're envious, we are also very happy. You've earned your success the hard way you worked for it. Congrats!

Lucille Wills is at it again. She's recorded her "Kentucky Wildcats" original and has sold over 300 copies at $5. Says she got her money back and then some.

Lucille has sent along several tapes for the LASC to sell at our monthly showcases at $2.

She's also busy working on a tape of five sacred songs which she promises to let us hear when it is finished.

Lucille is a very busy lady, regularly attending church activities, Ladies Aid Society, Ladies Missionary Society, Lioness Club, not to mention teaching several young people to play the piano.

"I'll get back down (to meetings and showcases) as soon as possible. l have been pretty ill. When you get 72, honey, you don't feel good all the time. Ha, Ha!"

Write on. Lucille! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Bill Ede, probably one of the most avid and faithful of P.F. Sloan's fans, had a long-awaited (and hard-earned) wish come true recently.

An article he painstaking and lovingly wrote for Songtalk magazine about the writer of "Eve of Destruction" and "Secret Agent Man" finally appeared in that publication.

Congratulations. Bill!

Several LASC songwriters attended the March 15-17 NSAI Songwriter Symposium in Nashville, Tenn.. and they had a great time.

True to the old postcard-type greeting. "A good time was had by all" LASC Secretary Diana Black said it was the best one she had ever attended. (See additional info in NSAI Louisville Workshop Coordinator Earl Meyers 'Earl's Peals and in Alan Rhody's column elsewhere in the LMN.)

Member Silver Stevens called to say that her original song "Old Glory." which is "a thank you to our soldiers," of all wars. She has had considerable airplay. both in Kentucky and other states, including Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina. Ft. Bragg has promised airplay; ditto a station in Oklahoma.

The Kentucky Post and the Cincinnati Enquirer have written articles about Silver and her song. "I'm circulating it as far as I can drive," she said.

Operation Desert Storm support groups that sell copies of the tape will receive a portion of the receipts.

(Hey out there,. all you LASC members. Let us in on all those interesting and/or exciting things you're doing. We may not always get to include everything in the LASC Letter. but its a cinch we won't write about it if we don't know about it.)