By Diana Black

A "magnificent" seven joined the Co-op during July!! They have received member numbers 362 through 368, respectively.

Thomas Rhodes now makes his home here in Louisville, but in the '70s you could catch him on the Eddie Bond television show in Memphis, Tenn. No stranger to performing, Thomas has also played nightclubs and lounges as a single performer and with a band.

As member of BMI, Thomas' music publishing affiliation is Red River Music Tree. He is writing country/western and some blues melodies and lyrics and is interested in collaborating.

Really good to have you aboard, Thomas. Hope to hear you on a showcase in the near future!

Members who attended the June showcase will undoubtedly remember David Pitt. Not only is David a very likable person, his voice gives Gary Morris a run for his money.

David classifies himself as a gospel singer, but as Mike Layman wrote, ." . his songs are more in the contemporary Christian category."

In the LASC Songwriting Competition '90, David's song, "Refuge and Strength," won the Gospel/Contemporary Christian/ Inspirational category.

So glad to have you and your talents a part of the Co-op!

Patrick Fitzgerald has been a familiar face at the Rud for some time. We were sure glad to see him immediately take advantage of one of the services LASC offers its members: the evening he joined he had a song critiqued!

Good work, Patrick. We hope to see you at many, many more meetings!

Hardly missing a meeting since he first heard about the Co-op, Tommy Jones drives in from Ft. Knox to take part in both LASC and the local chapter of NSAI.

A native of East Texas, Tommy's writing preference leans toward country. He writes both music and lyrics, and is very open to listening to opinions of what might make his tunes more commercial.

Keep those songs coming, Tommy!

John L. Wood and Mark Schaefer are two new members I have not met or talked with yet.

John lives in Louisville while Mark calls New Albany home.

Hope to meet both of you at a meeting or showcase very soon!

Eric Johnson is also a winner of Song Competition '90. He and Ross McCort co-wrote the tune "Dellinger Park," which won best song in the Jazz category and an impressive Third Place in overall competition.

Eric is an attorney in Atlanta, who lives in Lithonia, Georgia. He still manages to find time to remain an active member of the Atlanta Songwriters Association and write some great lyrics and melodies.

Though Eric primarily writes jazz, he has also been known to write a country or pop tune every now and then.

Eric is already making plans to drive up from Atlanta again this year to attend our Hit Makers '91 seminar in November.

Thanks, Eric, for your suggestions, comments and support this past year!

Very often new members have questions concerning the organization or the music industry in general; please feel free to call me at 502-893-0693 and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

Anyone interested in joining the LASC or just wanting more information about the organization is welcome to call me at the above number and I will be glad to answer any questions and/or forward a membership application.

PLEASE NOTE: The Co-op would like to encourage new members to include with their completed application an attached page with biographical information.

Our welcome column is the perfect place to "let yourself be known!"


We don't want to forget to thank those members who signed on for another year: Diana Black, Larry Easton, Bill Ede, Eve Fuchs, Brian Goetz, Lorraine Klein, Marian Maxwell, Donna Beck Michael, Bruce Rinehart, Cheryl Lynn Riffle, Harry Shelor, Rob "Skip" Snider, Bev Sumner and Susan Tomes.