Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

MERFday Fun. Sunday, November 10, was the tenth anniversary of MERF and the charity group assembled an array of clubs and bands to celebrate, as well as raise a little money to help. It was great fun as well as great work. Check the stories elsewhere in this issue.

• Unsolicited Compliments Dept. Those of you who watch the New Louisville Tonight Show on WHAS TV already know that the locally produced show promotes the local music and performing arts scene, but the rest of you don't, so listen up.

Leah Bisig and John O'Connor regularly have segments about local musicians or national musicians playing local shows and, on occasion, O'Connor is out with the Satcam trying to catch some famous person for an interview, not always successfully. WHAS wisely put the show after Entertainment Tonight, so entertainment fans can just stay tuned.

It is important to have a local, live show like that on in prime time and kudos should go to all concerned for the effort and the successes and even the failures. Because most of the show is live, it makes for interesting television. Unexpected things happen occasionally and the on-air people have to ad lib, which lets us, the viewers, get to know those persons a little better.

So keep it up, Leah and John and keep them on, WHAS management!

The Bama Band had to play Swiss Park last week with borrowed equipment. Their van and all their equipment got stolen in Dallas, according to fan club president Carmen Beane. The group did have a couple of instruments that they could get a handle on, but still.. They have to get some equipment in time to play the next tour with Hank, Jr., scheduled to start in February.

Rocky Adcock said that the Rocky AmarettoWinston Hardy Blues Band is looking at a mini-tour soon, playing greasy blues, old rock and rough country. Rocky is business manager at the Musician's Union.

• And speaking of the Union, the booking agency that the Union has been working on has at last opened for business. Called Music Talent of Louisville, Inc., it is owned, but not operated, by the union. Greg Middleton, son of Leon Middleton of the Monarchs, has been selected to run the agency.

The musicians who will be booked are the members of the local, with all types of music represented, from country to classical to jazz. Middleton intends to develop gigs with conventions, corporate parties and other casuals.

The phone number is 502-456-5883 and the address is 1436 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40204.

• The WQMF-Mom's Musician's Store radio show, "What's Cooking at Mom's," was so well received that plans are under development to run the show on a regular basis, probably quarterly, according to Marvin Maxwell of Mom's. The show features all styles of music recorded at Mom's studio.

• Attention local players: Duke Robillard has moved to town and when he's not out on the road with the Fabulous Thunderbirds, is hanging around town. He could probably be persuaded to pick a little here and there. Check with Rocky at the Union.

• Congrats to J. D. Miller for the Kenny Rogers cut he and J. P. Pennington got for a song they co-wrote.

• The Phoenix Hill is going 18 and over. Just thought ya'll oughta know.

Our condolences to Curtis Martlatt and his family on the death of his mother Jean on November 17. Mrs. Marlatt was an award-winning volunteer who was to have received the governor's 1991 Victory Award from President Bush. Despite being legally blind, Mrs. Marlatt dedicated a significant portion of her life to helping the mentally ill.