Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Tim Krekel was in town over the holidays and I caught him at the Air Devils Inn's Wednesday night open stage. Krekel reported that he and his band, the Sluggers, were backing Mark Germino on on a new album scheduled for early '91 release. He told me the name of the record company, but it was late and I didn't make a note. Sorry. All you Krekel fans will have to search a little for it.

Charlie Walls' latest Music Man Records project is a study in how to get a single out in a hurry. He said that he wrote the tune, "10,000 Miles Away," on a Monday and by Friday had released it as a cassette single. He's been out pushing it to radio stations, with considerable success. He even got airplay on WHAS and WAMZ! Besides that, Walls got a few lines in a write-up in the L.A. Times.

Marie Augustine got back to town from her Caribbean cruise gig the first week in January. She allowed that it was fun, yup, sure enough. Some folks really have a tough life. Marie got the job through New Albany's John Paine.

Mishya Feygin is back in town after traveling around the U.S. and into Canada. Feygin first connected up with Michael and Diane Kessler when the Kesslers made a trip to the USSR and he subsequently wrangled a visa to the USA. He's been sampling the delights of the country, including getting into picking sessions with some of the people at Fast Folk in NYC. He's planning to stay in Louisville a bit longer, though. Keep an eye out for appearances.

Government Cheese is trying to travel the road that the Kentucky HeadHunters took: they played the Chitlin Show on WLOC-FM in Munfordville. It might start a trend. Good luck, guys. The HeadHunters are still the hosts, although they are not around too often these days.

• Louisville's answer to the question "How do I promote my music?," David La Duke, reports that he has gotten another tune on a promotional CD. This time, the tune "Taking My Chances," will be on the Mirror Image Indie Music CD Sampler, available for purchase only to NARAS Members. As usual, the CD will be distributed nationwide to industry folks.

La Duke also will have a representative at the MIDEM '91 Conference in Cannes, France. ISIS Management will represent him at the event. Billboard Magazine reports that the MIDEM conference is having some problems due to the war in the Gulf, but organizers say the event will go off on schedule.

• Fans of Eleventh Dream Day will be pleased to note that the group has released its second album, Lived to Tell, on Atlantic. Former Louisvillian Janet Beveridge Bean handles half of the vocals. The group will be at Snagilwet on February 22, with Women Who Love Candy opening.

• Readers of the Courier-Journal Tracks column already know about the success of WALC, an a cappella jazz-gospel quartet assembled from past and present students at Louisville's Youth Performing Arts School, but for the rest of you, here 'tis: the group went to Hollywood on January 9 for a private audition before CBS record and television producers. The trip was part of the prize for winning first place at the Youth Talent International Competition in Memphis, Tenn., last September. The group made some excellent contacts and could have stayed in California but school schedules required them to return.

Besides that, they got to met Arsenio Hall and warm up the audience for his show. Everything after that must have been anticlimactic.

Jeff Crowder is a man who just doesn't have enough to fill his time. Besides running his club, the Cherokee Blues Club, he is also active in the KYANA Blues Society, handling their newsletter, and he produces the occasional recording. With so much spare time, why wouldn't he acquire a partner and start a promotions company, Big League Promotions? Don't tell me, let me guess: The company will promote blues artists.

Jeff whispered a rumor or two in my ear but I better not mention them this issue - my column space is about used up.