Earl's Pearls
By Earl Meyers

"Without music and rock 'n' roll, the world would be in trouble.">Isaiah Thomas, NBA basketball star, was referring to people communicating with one another in a VH1 interview on September 1, 1990. Music being the medium that has a common ground with many that otherwise may not be very compatible.

Communication barriers are sometimes softened by singer-artists who sing songs written by writers who share feelings and ideas that reach the general public, universal songs that bridge generation gaps and others that cross boundaries into other countries.

The>Mother Fussing Rappers are one such group (three middle-aged parents and educators from New York) trying to make a difference by reaching our youth in this country.>Diane Atkins (MFR member) was interviewed by>Chee Chee Williams on WAVE-TV News, July 11, 1990, saying they are "communicating with kids without preaching to them."

"Don't do drugs" was the emphasis of their message, something>Paul Revere and the Raiders tried as early as 1966 with the song "Kicks," except that the message was very close to being a sermon.

Obviously, music can't solve the world's problems, but you can bet there's a songwriter somewhere every day writing down lines that solve some little problem, deal with a love affair, make someone laugh or just touch emotions. It sure would be a dull world without those underrated songwriters.