By Diana Black

February 4 -- Collaboration session. Find that writing partner, learn a new trick or two. Bring along an instrument and your imagination.

February 18 -- Critique session. Please bring along at least ten lyric sheets with your tape.

March 4 -- Rob Brown from Far Out Music will demo PG Music Band-In-A-Box on an Atari 1040STE system. If all this sounds like "computer stuff" to you, well, it is. BUT don't let that keep you from this meeting. Whether you have a computer or not, you will find this demo very interesting and informative. (See Paul Moffett's software review elsewhere in this issue of LMN.)


By Paul Moffett

January 7 -- The first meeting of 1991 featured a critique session, with tapes from several members. There was an announcement of the General Membership meeting and the election of new members to the Board.

January 21 -- The General Membership Meeting was held on the coldest night to date of the 90-91 winter, but that didn't keep too many folks away. Those attending got a little extra treat, as a cameraman from WDRB TV, Channel 41, appeared and requested some live music. A suggestion from Karen Le Van that a random drawing be held resulted in a collection of names in a hat. Performers were Scott Furlong, Pen Bogert, and the duo of Bob Maples and Jak Son Renfro. The three got about five seconds of screen time each.

Following the TV break, the election of the Board got underway. Eight members were nominated and five elected to fill the available slots. Elected to two-year terms were: Diana Black, Ronnie Dee, Tim Lynch, Joyce Trammell, and Charlie Walls. Remaining on the Board are: Pen Bogert, Jean Metcalfe, Paul Moffett and Sammy Reid.