Tapes For April Showcase Solicited-

February 18 Deadline Set

Once again, the LASC is going to bring a publisher up from Nashville to listen to your best tunes on the Showcase. We don't have the publisher's name yet, but we are requesting tapes from members. All members are encouraged to try out for this Showcase.

Here are the rules:

1. A maximum of three songs per member or member writing team may be submitted. The better the song and the production, the better your chances. Songs must be written by LASC members.

2. You may have a non-member perform your song(s). The writer is responsible for performing or for finding a performer for his/her/their material. Please indicate the name of the performer for each song.

3. All tapes for the April Showcase must be in the hands of the Showcase Committee by February 18, 1991.

4. Selection of songs will be made by the LASC Showcase Committee. The committee may pick one, two or three songs from each writer or writing team to be performed.

5. Tapes are non-returnable.

6. Send your tapes to:


P. O. Box 16

Pewee Valley, KY 40056

Or give them to Joyce Trammell or Sammy Reid, Co-chairs of the Showcase Committee.

Any questions can be directed to Joyce or Sammy.