Vanilla Ice

By Susie Le Van

Vanilla Ice, the "white-boy rapper" from Miami, was in concert at Louisville Gardens on January sixteenth.

"Ice Ice Baby" is the most popular song from his No. 1 debut album "To the Extreme." The album also includes hits such as "Satisfaction," "Stop That Train," "Hooked," and "Play That Funky Music."

The combination of Vanilla Ice's rap, dance, and laser light show made for one exciting evening. The show started off with the song "Ice Is Workin' It" to get the energy flowing. Five dancers emerged, four of them were guys all dressed in black and one was a girl in a shadow box. Commonly compared to MC Hammer, Ice had many creative dance routines. It didn't take long for Ice to have the whole crowd up dancing. During the song "Hooked," the lasers focused on a backdrop painted like an ice glacier and formed a green, strutting laser cartoon figure. Not only does Vanilla Ice rap, he also can beat box pretty well.

I believe the drummer's name, "Boom," sums up the music quite well. Lots of bass (which Miami is famous for) left fans near deaf after the concert. However, I feel the concert was well worth the ticket price.