About the cover. .

The New Year is a time of resolve and reflection.

For the year 1991 we at Louisville Music News resolve to continue to do our part to make Louisville even more successful musically than it was in 1990. We have also taken a look at the past year to see what was good so that we can continue it, and what needs to be improved so that we can work to improve it.

Our January cover represents but a small sample of the Louisville music scene, past and present, as portrayed on past covers of Louisville Music News.

The "T-Bar-V-Ranch" hands, photographed by Pete Katz in 1952, are, from left, "Cactus" Tom Brooks, Randy Atcher and Carl "Tiny" Thomale.

At upper right, bluesman Henry Woodruff sits with his favorite guitar on the steps of his home in Louisville for a photograph by Jean M etcalfe.

At lower left, Jimmy Raney looks down from the wall of the Rudyard Kipling restaurant in Old Louisville. Eugene Thomas' painting was photographed by Mark Sickles.

At lower right, premier harp player Jim Rosen, left, trades licks with harp legend Charlie Musselwhite in a performance at the Rudyard Kipling. Tom Armstrong was the photographer.