Iggy Pop at the Vogue

By William Brents

In many respects, Iggy Pop's performance on Friday, November 23, personified rock 'n' roll at its stripped-down best.

The one and only Pop bounced upon the stage looking fresh and mischievous and the sizable crowd roared with approval as his backing band immediately tore into "Raw Power," a classic song by Pop's former band the Stooges a band that defined punk rock in the late '60 and early '70s.

Pop is notorious for his at-times-dangerous stage antics, but on this night he managed to restrain himself from pulling off any gross or life-threatening acts. But he did verbally abuse the crowd, make several sexual gestures and sling his microphone stand off the side of the stage. It may sound as though it was an unpleasant display but it was very amusing and part of his legend.

The most intriguing aspect was the live spirit that his music had. The old songs like "Search and Destroy," "Lust for Life" and "I Wanna Be Your Dog," packed an unforgettable wallop.

And as for his new songs, Pop played eight of them, including "Brick By Brick," "Neon Forest," "Main Street Eyes" and "Candy," a memorable song that captured Pop's sentimental side.

As Pop was leaving he thanked the crowd for showing up, but the real thankful ones were the Louisvillians who witnessed an awe-inspiring show.

Not so entertaining was the opening group, Alice In Chains. Their tedious loud metal music, accompanied by. gloom-and doom lyrics, won over very few fans.