By Diana Black

The LASC Letter welcomes what looks to be an exciting new year with a retrospective look at some highlights of 1990:

l The Co-op increased its membership with sixty-one new members. Membership numbers 284 thru 345 were issued.

l LASC membership renewals totaled ninety-four.

l The Co-op celebrated its fourth birthday on March 19; Paul Moffett and Jean Metcalfe were presented lifetime memberships for their dedication and service.

l A new format was used for the April Showcase as the Co-op arranged for a Nashville publisher to be on hand to hear selected tunes; EMI representative Mark Bright asked for and subsequently took several members' tapes back to Music City.

l The LASC LETTER got a "new look" in July with a change in the style of type used.

l Membership meetings covered various aspects of the music industry with the following speakers:

l Kim Greene, an attorney with Wyatt Tarrant and Combs, offered legal advice.

l Tom Flood instructed the membership on the Nashville Number system.

l Frank Pittman related his experiences having studied under guitar maker Hascal Haile.

l Bill Matz turned the tables with his presentation of "You Be The Publisher."

l Doc Dockery and Charlie Walls demonstrated two 4-track machines.

l Bobby Lanz, a Louisville pop singer/musician/ songwriter, gave the membership his perspectives on the pop market.

l A good turnout for the "Open Forum" held in July created an opportunity for discussions, suggestions and good-will.

l The annual song contest brought in 517 song entries; a grand prize of $1000 was awarded to Gene Adams for his tune "Ship Soon To Sail."

l November 2 and 3 found the Co-op taking part in its annual seminar, showcase, awards banquet and trade show titled Hit Makers '90. Nearly twenty music representatives from Nashville were on hand to advise, critique and, in some cases, take a tune or two home with them.