By Diana Black

A good turnout for the December 3rd meeting found members discussing a new venture that is to begin in January. Thanks to what Prez Paul calls one of his "medium size" ideas, the Co-op is establishing a "listening committee" that will screen submitted tapes for pitching to publishers in Nashville. After the five member committee "gets a good ear full," the tunes they have selected will be presented to various publishers for consideration. Not until a member has served on the listening committee is he or she eligible to submit tunes for screening; the idea being "ya' gots to pay yer dues."

So who gets to have their tunes screened first if the committee has just been initiated? The Board of Directors.

Why them? Because they paid their dues listening to 517 contest entries in 1990.

The first committee is made up of the following volunteers: Karen Le Van, Bill Matz, Alan Morris, Jerry Burns and Mike Layman.

Members who have volunteered for future listening committees are: Kevin O'Bryan, Dan Colon, Bob Maples, Tim Lynch, Doc Dockery, Doug Mitchell and Donald Ray McGrew. If any member is interested in being on this committee, (and we assume that you are) please call me at 502-893-0693.

(President's note: just for the record, I got part of that "medium size idea" from another songwriting group's newsletter. My only contribution was to tie a chance at getting on the tape to serving on the listening committee.)

December 17

The final LASC meeting of 1990 on December 17 was a Christmas carol sing-a-long, together with the munching of fudge brought by Jean Metcalfe. Member were reminded to be sure to attend the General Membership meeting on January 21, 1991, for the election of members to the Board of Directors.