How to Get on the November Showcase

The November Showcase is the one that goes with the Seminar and is the one with the most opportunity for getting songs to publishers. Because this is the desirable Showcase, the Board has set the following rules:

A. By July 31, 1991, a member must have attended at least three (3) membership meetings in the past year to be eligible. A sign-up sheet is provided at each meeting.

B. A member must be current on membership dues.

C. Entries must be on cassette, with accompanying lyric sheets.

D. Three songs per writer maximum.

E. The writer is responsible for securing performers.

F. Submitting a song grants LASC permission to use the song on the Showcase.

G. The absolute deadline to submit songs for the November Showcase is July 31, 1991.

H. Bands are not allowed on the Showcase due to problems associated with setting up and tearing down.